Blec Sand Slitter demo a great success at Aston Villa!

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Villa Blec Sandmaster.jpg Blec machinery has received the 'thumbs up' from sports turf contractors who attended a demonstration at the Aston Villa training ground held on 30th January 2008. The event was attended by contractors who had shown 'keen interest' on the Blec stand at BTME the previous week. Three of the latest machines were put through their paces by the Blec demonstration team. The first of these was the new Vibra- Sand Master, followed by the latest version of the Vibra- Sand Injector and finally by the very neat Uni-Spreader.

Vibra- Sand Master

All three machines performed faultlessly and cores removed from the soil root-zone illustrated perfectly the ability of the Villa demo 45.jpgtwo sand slitters. Both machines were shown to efficiently inject moist grade 50 sand supplied by Bathgates of Cheshire, to the full 20cm working depth. Contactors are not known for mincing their words when it comes to accessing new kit, but to a man they agreed that the Blec products were highly impressive and 'did exactly what they said on the tin.'

John Reynolds Sales and Marketing Manager for Blec who organized the day commented: "We knew these guys would be impressed by what they saw today because Blec have invested a lot of time and effort in developing and perfecting these great machines. The concept of sand injecting for vastly improved drainage using the Vibra- Sandmaster and the new Vibra -Sand Injector is totally proven, as anyone here today will testify." He continued "Just to prove the point, we had sold three of the machines by the time the demo ended with many more saying they would buy within the next few weeks!"

Villa Sand injector perfect proof.jpg

Villa perfect sand slits.jpg

Blec proof of the pudding!.jpg

The Vibra- Sand Master is supplied as a quickly detachable accessory for the Blec Ground Breaker rotary decompactor range. It is equally at home on sports pitches and golf courses and retails @£18,975.00 plus vat

Villa Sand Injector 1.jpg
The Vibra -Sand Injector is tractor mounted and has been designed for use on fine turf areas particularly golf greens/tees/fairways and retails complete with wheel kit @ £16,225.00 plus vat

For sales enquiries and demonstrations please contact John Reynolds Sales and Marketing Manager. Blec UK. Tel: 0121 3553700 or 07980 604430

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