BLEC Turf-Seeder takes centre-stage on stand M080

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Known for its reliable method of seeding, the Turf-Seeder will be a particular highlight on the BLEC stand at this year's SALTEX. Alongside other machines from the specialised landscaping and turfcare range, visitors to stand M080 can also find out about the recently launched 4m BLECavator.

The Turf-Seeder is renowned for utilising one of the most proven methods of seed incorporation. The front notched ring rollers crush lumps, level the soil and create small pockets in the ground ready to accept the grass seed. Offering accurate and adjustable rates of between 5-50gms/m2, the seeds are then distributed the full width of the worked area and are incorporated evenly into the top 12mm of the surface. The rear set of rollers then split the shallow ridges formed by the front rollers to maximise germination - while keeping surface disturbance to a minimum.

The Turf-Seeder is available in 3 different working widths - 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m - the largest of which is ideal for contractors and large-area seeding. It's 300 litre hopper capacity and ability to seed up to 7 acres per hour sees it a popular choice for use on turf farms.

Also suited to the demands of turf growers is the new BLECavator 400HD, the latest addition to the heavy-duty stoneburier range. The BLECavator features large diameter tines to screen and bury stones, debris and overgrowth. The adjustable spacing and optional vibrating screen makes it suitable for use in most weather conditions and on a variety of surfaces, including heavy and damp soil. As with the rest of the range, the new 400HD features an adjustable levelling blade for accurate grading, and a rear packer roller, ballastable with water, for firming up the surface. Engineered by Redexim, the new BLECavator delivers strength and durability.

The team will be on hand to discuss and answer any questions on the new BLECavator, along with the complete pedestrian and tractor mounted BLEC portfolio.

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