Blinder Bunker Lining System Launches at BTME

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Blinder teamThe Blinder Bunker Liner Ltd, a new name in the golf industry, based in Ascot, Surrey, launched a new patented bunker lining system, Blinder, at the BTME Exhibition in Harrogate recently. The new system is environmentally sound and uses rubber crumb made from recycled tyres mixed with a binding agent to produce a bunker lining that provides a solution to many of the problems associated with maintaining bunkers.

Blinder was developed by the experienced and highly-respected golf course manager Murray Long, who was looking for a viable option to reduce bunker maintenance hours.

Rubber crumb is mixed with a binding agent and then spread onto a sub-base at a depth of 25mm. It is then smoothed by hand to provide the perfect base for the bunker sand. It can then be sprayed to match the colour of the sand, if required.

The liner is resistant to club strikes and burrowing animals and drains at a rate up to 2,400ml per hour. It also minimises contamination to the sand, which can create substantial savings in sand replacement and reduces the possibility of stones on the fine turf areas surrounding the bunkers. It also offers protection to the drainage system, extending the timeframe for drainage replacement programmes.

Murray Long with Blinder productHighly durable and flexible, it can withstand extreme changes of temperature and the expansion and contraction of the surrounding soil due to prevailing weather conditions. It also minimises wash from the bunker face reducing maintenance time after heavy rain. The new system can be easily installed when renovating existing bunkers or constructing new ones.

Commenting at the launch, Penny Long, Managing Director of The Blinder Bunker Liner Ltd said: "We are delighted to launch this new product into the golf market and have been staggered by the positive response it has received during the first two days at the show. It has been developed over the past seven years and rigorously tested to ensure that it performs in all conditions. It comes with a two-year guarantee, is a cost-effective solution and we are convinced it will reduce costs and man-hours associated with bunker maintenance."

Technical Director Murray Long added: "Blinder is suited to all types of bunkers and can be extremely useful in areas of heavy wear such as practice bunkers. It is also very effective in chalk and flint soils, especially stopping contamination of stones and other particles into the sand. Bunker maintenance is an issue I've been battling with for many years, and I'm confident that I've found a solution, not only for me, but also for my peers."

For further information of the Blinder Bunker Liner system call 01344 621654 or visit the website at

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