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Clearing up autumn leaves is one of those onerous tasks we all have to face if we have trees nearby. Leaves cover lawns and will do the grass no good if left to rot.

They drift onto drives and paths and given a little rain cause the surface to become slippery and hazardous.

Raking is all very well but if you have large areas to clear the only real solution is a good, powerful blower or, even better, a blower vacuum for a thorough clear-up.

The problem is, powered, two-stroke blowers usually come at a premium price and for something you probably only use once a year for a relatively short period it can seem to be a heavy investment compared to electric versions.

That's where Mitox come in with quality-built, lightweight and ergonomic blowers for garden tidying, at a price that won't blow a big hole in your bank account.

Take the Mitox 26B. It's an air- cooled two-stroke blower just like the 'big boys' with a powerful and reliable 25.4cm³ easy-start engine.

There is a large diameter fan that generates speeds up to 55 metres per second and that is enough to lift and move even wet leaves from paths, lawns and borders.

Which means you can blow all the leaves into a pile and move them to the compost heap or bag them up to make good leaf mould.

If you want to go the whole hog the Mitox 28BV is both a blower and a vacuum with all the same features but with the added benefit of being able to blow the leaves into one place, then simply attach the vacuum tube and collection bag to switch to vacuum mode and collect the leaves, reducing them by a ratio of 10:1.

The whopping 70 litre non-degradable bag is zipped for easy emptying into a garden bin or compost.

Mitox might not be a name you know but it's one the makers say you will come to love with a range of powered tools to suit everyone.

The Mitox 26b including VAT is £134.00 RRP and the Mitox 28BV is £159 RRP including VAT from Mitox dealers.

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