Bracken Control Update 2013

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Asulox - containing the active ingredient asulam for control of bracken is now available to purchase and apply in 2013. Details of the supply window and Emergency Notice of Authorisation are below. * Conditions of sale, application and return apply.

Emergency Authorisation comes into effect

The Label and Notice of Authorisation will be available from 20th May, but the terms and conditions will be as set out in the briefing. The label is not the same as before and will need to be studied by all users.

The Emergency Authorisation allows for the storage, promotion, sale, transfer of asulam from the 20th of May. Application of asulam may start from 1 July and continue until 18 September. All stocks of asulam must be applied, destroyed or returned to the distributor by 31 October at the latest.

Availability of Asulox in 2013

Pitchcare are an authorised stockist and distributor of Asulox - contact for further information 01902 440250.

Key Dates Summary

20 May

Start of the Emergency Authorisation period of 120 days.

Storage, promotion, sales, and transfer authorised.

1 July

Application of asulam products can commence.

18 September

End of the EA period

Promotion, sales & transfer must cease.

Application can continue

31 October

End of the use up period

It will be illegal to store asulam products after this date.

For further information please visit the Bracken Control webpage or see Asulox in the Pitchcare Store.

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