Bring Life Back to Your Soil Seminar

Paul Lowein Consultancy

Symbio are holding a:- Bring Life Back to Your Soil Seminar at The Chase Golf Club Pottal Pool Road, Penkridge, Staffordshire, ST19 5RN on 10th March 2011

Attendance is free - please contact Paul Lowe 07554 668423, or Symbio 01428 685762 to confirm the number of attendees who will be joining us for lunch.

Diseases, fungal dry patch, fairy rings, the speed of thatch reduction, nematode attacks, percolation rates and even the grasses you grow are all determined by the biology in your rootzone. This seminar will help you understand how to improve your rootzone biology to solve the most pressing turf management problems.


Coffee and Registration


Why soil biology is important - what is it, what does it do - combining soil biology, chemistry and physics to build the foundation for strong plants. Plus

a quick review of the latest developments in soil management, the latest legislation regarding the removal of pesticides from use and how working with soil biology can reduce pesticide use.


How to measure soil biology, and create the correct biology for disease resistance, nematode management and growing perennial grasses


Introducing and maintaining good biology

Compost teas. How to make good compost tea.

Microbial Inoculants - what to apply and when to apply them

Mycorrhizae the friendliest fungi you can buy




Creating the correct rootzone environment to:

  1. Convert thatch into plant food and use atmospheric nitrogen to reduce fertiliser costs
  2. Get more from your overseeding
  3. Create the soil biology needed to maintain perennial grasses and convert poa annua to perennial poa, rye, fescue or bent.
  4. Improve soil health to prevent

· fairy rings.

· dry patch.

· diseases.


Extending the growing season

Combining nutrition with biostimulants to extend early and late season poa annua growth


New Liquid Organic Fertilisers, Granular Organics and green waste compost and which biostimulant from sugars, seaweeds, humates, fulvic acid, fish hydrolysate and yuccah should you to use for your conditions.


Questions and close

The seminar is designed to advise head and deputy greenkeepers, greens chairmen and club secretaries, bowling green and playing fields managers on the latest developments in organic soil management, how to make savings and improve playing conditions by working with soil biology to reduce reliance on expensive chemicals and inorganic fertilisers and reduce physical disruption to the playing surface and rootzone.

Attendees to this Seminar will be awarded with 1.75 CPD Points.

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