Brush-Pro keeps it clean at Worksop Town FC

Lucy Nichollsin Machinery & Mechanics

After a new synthetic pitch quickly turned fortunes around for Worksop Town Football Club, the club's attentions soon turned to the maintenance of their new pitch. Life president and groundsman Keith Ilett explains why they chose the SISIS Brush-Pro.

It is safe to say that over recent years, Worksop Town FC had fallen on hard times. In fact, the club was close to liquidation and arguably, no-one was more saddened than life-long fan, Keith.

"It was a very difficult period," said Keith. "I've been supporting the club since 1954 and I was four years old when my dad and my grandad started to bring me along to watch the games. I then got more involved with the club in the 70s and actually celebrated my 50th year at the club just a couple of months ago."

"Fortunately, Pete Whitehead (new owner), came in and he has completely turned the club around."

One of the first actions under Pete's new ownership was to remove the natural grass pitch and install a new synthetic pitch in a bid to make the club more self-sufficient.

"The revenue that the club receive from hiring the pitch out to the local community will hopefully keep the club surviving," said Keith.

With a tremendous amount of usage building on the pitch, Keith required a machine to keep the surface at the highest possible standard, and this led him to the SISIS Brush-Pro.

It is a very common misconception that synthetic surfaces require very little attention but, just like natural turf, they require maintenance as soon as they are constructed if they are to perform to the standard expected of them. Regular and periodic upkeep is required because it ensures a safe playing environment, retains the performance characteristics as well as prolonging the longevity of the surface.

The SISIS Brush-Pro is a ride-on brushing system comprising a pair of mid mounted oscillating units and three rear mounted brush units that that have been specifically designed for maintaining synthetic surfaces.

Brushing synthetic surfaces is essential to keep infill mobile, lift the pile and prevent algae accumulation, surface compaction and loss of porosity. The Brush-Pro has been designed for maximum manoeuvrability and operator comfort with features such as an electric start, hydrostatic drive for forward/reverse and its brush combinations - oscillating for thorough periodic work and rear mounted brushes for routine frequent work which cause less compaction than conventional drag brushes.

"I'm so happy with the Brush-Pro," said Keith. "It really does leave you with an immaculate pitch once you've used the machine and we tend to give it a good brush after every ten hours of usage."

"I like to take it nice and slow when I'm using the Brush-Pro and I tend to brush in different directions in order to get the best results - it is fantastic breaking up any compaction which could potentially cause problems."

"It's so comfortable to use as well - it is highly manoeuvrable and just a joy to use."

Keith is now looking forward to a brighter future ahead. "This is the start of new beginnings. We've got a great new pitch, brilliant equipment and a new owner who knows his football and knows his business - we couldn't be in a better place."

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