BTME Launch for New 25HP Compact Tractor from Massey Ferguson

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MF 1525H 1.jpgRated at 25hp, the new MF 1525H compact tractor will make its European debut on the Massey Ferguson stand (no. A27) at the BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME), taking place in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, from 19 - 21 January 2010.

Replacing the 22hp MF 1523H in Massey Ferguson's 1500 Series compact tractor line-up, the MF 1525H features a number of key enhancements over its predecessor. These include important upgrades to the engine, transmission, hydraulics and driver platform, all designed to make the MF 1525H a formidable contender in the sub-30hp compact tractor class.

Powered by a new three-cylinder diesel engine developing 25hp at 2,600 rpm, the MF 1525H has been given a larger 28 litre fuel tank, enabling operations to continue for longer without having to refuel. The MF 1523H had a 25 litre tank.

Also new on the MF 1525H is a three-range hydrostatic transmission (HST), bringing the tractor into line with larger 1500 Series hydrostatic models, all of which have three sub ranges. Also in common with its larger stablemates, cruise control is included as standard.

Customers operating implements and attachments will appreciate the MF 1525H's uprated hydraulic pump which delivers 33 litres/min, giving a rear linkage lift capacity of 600kg at the link ends - 60kg more than its predecessor. The MF 1525H also has two auxiliary hydraulic valves as standard, selectable for single- or double-acting by moving a lever on the valve.

Equipped with rear and mid power take-offs with independent electro-hydraulic engagement, the MF 1525H's PTO engagement switch is located conveniently on the dash panel. The switch has two positions: 'Off' for normal instantaneous power take-off engagement and "On" producing a 'soft' start for steady and progressive engagement of PTO drive, the latter recommended for high inertia implements and when operating in difficult or heavy load conditions.

Drivers of the MF 1525H will find a spacious, semi-flat operating platform offering enhanced comfort and control layout for improved efficiency and performance. The complete platform, including the dash panel and steering column, is mounted on rubber isolation blocks all-round, helping minimise noise and vibration for greater comfort. Providing a more spacious work area than the model it replaces, the MF 1525H's operating platform has ergonomically-positioned controls which fall easily to hand to maximise operating experience and tractor output.

Other driver-friendly features include full hydrostatic steering, two-pedal HST, grab rails on both sides of the platform and a cup holder. The MF 1525H is fitted with a foldable rear ROPS and will be offered with a choice of 1.37m and 1.52m mid mower decks for the 2010 season.

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