Bullet goes Bigger – New Liquid 6% Fe for Golf Courses

Emma Brownliein Chemicals & Fertilisers

Liquid Iron Autumn Golf PR Shot
Maxwell Amenity has expanded the Bullet range of micronutrients, with the addition of Bullet Liquid Iron 6% Fe to the range.

The new Maxwell Bullet Liquid 6% FE has been formulated to harden and add colour to turf with nitrogen and manganese to optimise the translocation and uptake into the plant. It is an addition to the existing Maxwell Bullet range of plant beneficial elements.

James Grundy, Maxwell Amenity's Technical Manager helped with the formulation and advises that "Iron is a useful micronutrient as we enter into the cooler months. It assists the plant's defences against disease and harsh weather conditions by thickening of the cell walls. Iron is also crucial for the production of chlorophyll, which is why the grass plant will turn a rich green colour following application."

"The new Bullet Liquid Iron is an excellent tank mixing partner for our Green Solutions Liquid Fertilisers as well as Bullet Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Boron and Trace Element Complete."

Bullet Liquid 6% Fe is available for greenkeepers in 20L or either 200L, 500L, 800L, or 1000L IBC's, applied at higher rates it can be effective at keeping areas free from moss.

For a quote on Bullet Liquid 6% FE or any of the micronutrient range contact our sales team on 01902 440250 or visit www.pitchcare.com.