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Page 21 gatorSCH (Supplies) Ltd were recently asked to make a retention cage to be fitted to a John Deere vehicle (as shown in the photograph), however the company say they are able to manufacture similar cages for any other types of vehicle where they may be required.

For general purpose use, the cage is ideal where standard capacity has to be increased to facilitate bulk items such as leaves or grass clippings, rubbish, or to transport equipment etc.

Adaptations are available to enable specific uses for the cage. For example, removable trays can be fitted onto the top of the cage which would be ideal in a landscape situation, where perhaps large tools or plants are carried in the main body with smaller plants or other items sitting in the trays. However, the company stress that if there are any other specific purposes you have in mind, they will be happy to work with you to produce a bespoke adaptation to exactly fit your requirements.

SCH manufacture a range of items suitable for gardeners and landscapers, such as lawn care systems, broadcasters and spreaders, sprayers, water units and garden trailers, as well as their smallholders and equestrian products. For more information, call SCH on 01473 328272 or visit their website at

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