Cambridge United FC pay tribute to NHS

Kerry Haywoodin Football

Over the past couple of weeks, more and more tributes and signs of appreciation have emerged on social media. Ian Darler, Stadium Manager at Cambridge United FC spoke to us about how their pitch has become a canvas to say thank you.

"During my forty years at Cambridge United, as well as being the head groundsman, I was very fortunate to work alongside all the emergency services for thirty years. Whilst acting as the club match day safety officer, I worked alongside doctors, ambulance officers, paramedics, police and fire service where we all came together as a team."

"I'm proud to say that when an emergency situation occurred, it was like a well-oiled machine and that's what they do in our time of need. I have always been amazed by the quality of service all the NHS staff and emergency service staff provide, whilst putting aside their own safety. I feel very privileged to have worked alongside so many of these outstanding people to witness their outstanding commitment to help others."

"I felt that we had to say thanks to all the very brave caring NHS staff and emergency service staff for working in such challenging times."