Campey brings sustainable course maintenance to BTME 2020 with the AllTrec Tool Carrier

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Campey Turf Care Systems is bringing the 100% electric AllTrec Tool Carrier to BTME 2020 to introduce the future of zero CO2-emissions golf course maintenance.

The Tool Carrier will be in Red Hall North, Stand 276 along with other popular turf care machinery including Vredo Compact Seeders, Dakota Turf Tenders and the Air 2G2 Air Inject. The machine, designed by Dutch manufacturer, WeedControl B.V., is the latest in a long line of products that Campey has introduced to meet industry trends, and has already been exceptionally well received in The Netherlands.

The electrically driven hedge cutter can be fully operated using a joystick, making it easy to operate for a day of work, while the LPG tanks used for the E-Variator Weed Burner can be mounted to the back of the AllTrec, with a connection for the automatic tank heater to prevent them from freezing. Weeds can also be tackled using the Weedbrush, which can be hydraulically adjusted to any angle, and used for a full day without any worry of batteries running out.

A large-action radius and highly efficient attachments combined with low operation and maintenance costs make the AllTrec perfect for use in urban environments, sports complexes, holiday resorts and parks by contractors, local authorities and landscapers.

With its zero turning capabilities, it is agile enough to work in small enclosed spaces while also having been designed to work on large areas with a long-lasting battery to match its versatility. The running time is entirely dependent on the circumstances, but when cutting with the four-blade 180cm deck, the battery will typically last for 6-8 hours and 7-9 hours using the three-blade 130cm deck. Both decks feature rear ejection and allow height of cut adjustments from 30mm-110mm.

All batteries come with a three-year warranty and have a lifetime of + - 2500 charge discharge cycles. The 48VDC battery uses LifePO4 technology with a capacity of 20kwh or an optional 30kwh, with onboard charging taking 4-8 hours.

As always, Campey's team of product specialists will be on hand to give advice on turf care issues and information on machinery over a coffee in Red Hall North, Stand 276.

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