Campey brings top line-up to Saltex

Charmain Robsonin Exhibition News

Campey has earned a reputation for supplying market-leading, innovative turf care machinery. This is demonstrated in the line-up of a selection of the top machines from Vredo, Air2G2, Imants, Dakota, Campey and AllTrec, which will all be on the stand at Saltex along with Campey's product specialists to answer any questions.

The AllTrec Tool Carrier follows the Koro FTM with Universe Rotor and Air2G2 as one of Campey's most innovative products. The 100% electric machine provides zero CO2 emissions can also be used with several other attachments, including the Air E-Variator, weed brush, and hedge cutter. The AllTrec will be present in the Eco Village, with regular presentations throughout the show.

Also, on display will be focusing on aeration, CampeyÔ will also be exhibiting several machines whose task is to improve the health of the soil through breaking up compaction and getting air into the deeper layers. This is when machines such as the Air2G2 Inject, Imants ShockWave, Rotoknife, and Recycling dresser come into their own.

Renovations are an effortless operation with the 1.6m KoroÒ FIELDTOPMAKERÒ and Campey Universe Rotor, working together to deliver the most efficient method of fraise mowing on the market today. The accuracy on multiple surfaces comes from using the UniverseÒ rotor with 3mm and 5mm blades is unsurpassed.

Surface conditions are assured with the Campey range of brushes, scarifiers, and sweepers, including the CampeyÔ Uni-Scratch. This machine is the ideal solution for professional and effective maintenance of natural grass and can also be used for the final organic matter removal on natural grass hybrid carpet pitches when conducting annual renovations. And of-course there is the Dakota spreader. This range of small to large manoeuvrable dual spinner top dressers are ideal for spreading sand, rubber crumb and other topdressings on all surfaces, including those that require lightweight machines to be used or are difficult to access with larger spreaders.

Vredo Overseeders completes the line-up of quality equipment with its immense germination rate of over 98% - the most accurate seeder to-date!