Campey provide zero emissions mowing with the AllTrec Tool Carrier

Charmian Robsonin Battery/Electric Power

Campey Turf Care Systems now provide zero CO2-emissions mowing on areas ranging from regularly managed turf to overgrown vegetation using the 100% electric AllTrec Tool Carrier.

Being environmentally responsible is an essential cause of many companies and councils. By August 2019, more than half of councils in the UK had committed to cutting carbon emissions, with many of them setting 2030 as the date to reduce carbon emissions to zero as part of the UK governments plan to deliver the net zero target by 2050.

Using the AllTrec allows regular maintenance to be completed with zero emissions, minimal noise output and massively reduced vibration for operators, all of which help to improve green spaces without damaging the wider environment.

The machine has been designed by Dutch manufacturer, WeedControl B.V., to be the perfect solution for zero-emissions commercial mowing. The powerful cutting decks are available in 130cm or 180cm width of cut with the height of cut adjustable from 30-110mm. Electric motors directly power the three blade 130cm deck and four blade 180cm deck with an adjustable speed between 2000-3000rpm.

With its zero turning capabilities, it is agile enough to work in small enclosed spaces while also having been designed to work on large areas with a long-lasting battery to match its versatility. The running time is entirely dependent on the circumstances, but when cutting with the four-blade 180cm deck, the battery will typically last for 6-8 hours and 7-9 hours using the three-blade 130cm deck.

All batteries come with a three-year warranty and have a lifetime of + - 2500 charge discharge cycles. The 48VDC battery uses LifePO4 technology with a capacity of 20kwh or an optional 30kwh, with onboard charging taking 4-8 hours.

The AllTrec unit can also be used with a number of other attachments including the Air E-Variator, weed brush, and hedge cutter. The electrically driven hedge cutter can be fully operated using a joystick, making it easy to use for a day of work, while the E-Variator Weed Burner can be used alongside the weed brush to control weeds in a variety of locations. The weed brush can be hydraulically adjusted to any angle and used for a full day without any worry of batteries running out.

A large-action radius and highly efficient attachments combined with low operation and maintenance costs make the AllTrec perfect for use in urban environments, sports complexes, holiday resorts and parks by contractors, local authorities and landscapers.

For more information on making your mowing operation 100% electric and emissions free, contact Campey at