Campey ready to showcase leading line of machinery at the Festival of Turf and SAGE

Charmian Robsonin Exhibition News

After over a year away from industry shows, Campey Turf Care Systems is excited to showcase their leading line of turf care machinery at the BIGGA Festival of Turf and SAGE Sports & Grounds Expo in July 2021.

The two exhibitions will be the first the turf industry has had since the COVID-19 pandemic began, with the Festival of Turf taking place at the Warwickshire Event Centre on the 21st and 22nd July with the SAGE Expo five days later at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern.

Campey has earned a reputation for supplying market-leading, innovative turf care machinery. This is demonstrated in the line-up of machines from Vredo, Air2G2, Imants, Dakota, Campey and AllTrec, which will all be on the stand along with Campey's product specialists.

Campey Director, Lee Morgado, has worked continuously throughout the pandemic with his colleagues and views the return of in-person events as another step towards normality for the industry.

"By the time those two events open at the end of July, it will have been 18 months since the pandemic began, so it will be a great opportunity to meet customers and other suppliers again in a COVID safe environment," Lee begins.

"Throughout the pandemic, we've still been able to supply customers with machines and witness some of the excellent work greenkeeping teams have been doing during that time. The popularity of the Vredo over seeders has continued to grow along with the Dakota top dressers, and we've had some innovative use of the Koro FIELDTOPMAKER with the Universe rotor at some clubs. All of those machines and more, including the Air2G2, will be on our stand, and we're all looking forward to the event."

The popularity of the Campey range in golf comes down to the three main factors of precision, build quality and consistency. Every machine supplied by Campey is the leader in its field, with no greater case than the Vredo double-disc over seeders.

Vredo's place seed in a V-shaped slit, at a pre-set depth of between 5mm & 25mm deep. Once the seed is placed in direct contact with the soil, the slits are closed by a compaction roller and a level surface re-established. All Vredo Compact over seeders provide users with 90% to 95% germination by completing this process.

Dakota Turf Tenders offer an equally impressive level of consistency with electric control boxes allowing users to set their width of spread an infinitely variable amount while ensuring that it can be changed and returned to that width at any time. The easy to use spreaders also feature four Ultra-Trac turf tyres on independent floating beam axels for maximum weight distribution, making them perfect for use on golf greens.

The AllTrec Tool Carrier follows the Koro FTM with Universe Rotor and Air2G2 as one of Campey's most innovative products. The 100% electric machine provides zero CO2 emissions can also be used with a number of other attachments, including the Air E-Variator, weed brush, and hedge cutter. The electrically driven hedge cutter can be fully operated using a joystick, making it easy to use for a day of work, while the E-Variator Weed Burner can be used alongside the weed brush to control weeds in a variety of locations. The weed brush can be hydraulically adjusted to any angle and used for a full day without worrying about batteries running out.