Campey to unveil the new AllTrec Tool Carrier

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Campey Turf Care Systems will be exhibiting the new AllTrec Tool Carrier for the first time on stand C050 at SALTEX 2019.

The Dutch made machine is 100% electric and can be used with either the cutting deck, weed brush, hedge trimmer or weed killer attachments. Because it is fully electric there are zero CO2 emissions and very low operating costs. During operation the machine makes barely any noise, making It is very well suited for use in busy urban environments.

Also on display will be the recently released Campey Uni-Scratch. This machine is the ideal solution for professional and effective maintenance of natural grass and can also be used for the final organic matter removal on natural grass hybrid carpet pitches when carrying out annual renovations.

Away from turf grooming, Campey will also be exhibiting the Air2G2 Air Inject and Air2hp. The pedestrian aeration machine has become a recognised figure in the turf industry by allowing users to aerate as and when they need to with no disruption. This has been taken a step further with the Air2hp. The hand probe is ideal for sand bunkers, small spaces and hard to reach places and can quickly treat areas of standing water using the hand-operated valve to inject air below the surface in a diameter of up to 3ft (0.9m).

Campey Uni-Scratch

Renovations will also play a part on stand C050 with the 1.6m Koro FIELDTOPMAKER. Since the introduction of the machine to market, fraise mowing has become a standard practice, and as the technology has become more refined, it has been used on new sports surfaces, with cricket the latest to adopt the practice. The accuracy on multiple surfaces comes from using the Universe rotor with 3mm and 5mm blades. With the 3mm blades on four spirals, you can remove 30% of the surface with 3mm removed and 7mm remaining. There is also the option of removing 15% using two spirals with 3mm removed and 17mm remaining. Having these options available means each job can be tailored to what the surface requires.

A machine that is equally variable is the Dakota 310. This compact and very manoeuvrable dual spinner topdresser can spread up to 6m wide, with the width and amount of topdressing infinitely variable using the individual hand controls on the handlebar. It is ideal for spreading sand, rubber crumb and other topdressings on surfaces that require lightweight machines to be used or are difficult to access with larger spreaders.

Completing the line-up will be a Vredo Overseeder along with a team of Campey product specialists, who will be available to answer any questions related to the machines and turf maintenance.

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