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PR4035 Tim SelbyA razor-sharp investment that really clocks up the hours and is worth every penny? No, we're not just talking about Canford Magna Golf Club's workshop manager Tim Selby! We're also talking to him about why he favours Toro's EdgeMax blades for just those qualities.

The 45-hole Dorset club has opted for Toro's EdgeMax bedknife blades on its six Greensmaster 3250-D riding greensmowers and two Reelmaster 5510-D fairway mowers. Tim has certainly found that the blades stay sharper for longer, bringing improved cutting performance as well as time and cost savings to the 360-acre site.

"EdgeMax blades do produce a better quality of cut," says Tim. "But the main benefit is that they last three or more times longer than normal blades. We've had 1,000 hours out of the blades on the greensmowers, and two seasons' cutting from the blades on the fairways. It's a significant cost saving."

The reason why EdgeMax blades are so robust is that they're manufactured from hardened tool steel. Toro says that this provides up to three times longer edge retention than a standard bedknife, resulting in a cleaner, crisper cut for healthier turf and an unrivalled after-cut appearance.

Available across Toro's Greensmaster and Reelmaster ranges on models fitted with DPA (Dual Precision Adjustment) cutting units, EdgeMax blades also significantly reduce maintenance time. This is thanks to the use of hardened steel, which results in 50 percent less time adjusting, backlapping, grinding and replacing, thus saving labour time and money.

What's more, blades that maintain their sharpness ensure the machine incurs less wear, enabling it to work smoothly and more efficiently. And because an EdgeMax bedknife lasts up to three times longer, parts costs are also reduced. This combination of longer life and reduced maintenance time can equate to further long-term savings.

PR4035 EdgeMaxAs a busy workshop manager, Tim is a big believer in these wider benefits: "EdgeMax blades are worth the extra cost because - with the correct height-of-cut adjustments and maintenance - they really help keep downtime to a minimum. When they need to be reground, I can get them off, get them sharp and get them back on - and the mower back to work - in two hours. So everyone's happy, inside and outside the shed! They're a great investment and we wouldn't be without them."

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