Case Study: Using Attraxor for slowing turf growth

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A South Wales-based golf club has explained the key benefits of using Attraxor for turf maintenance and suppression of Poa annua.

Deputy head greenkeeper, James Matthewman, based at Maesteg Golf Club in South Wales, explains that he has been using Attraxor for the past 12 months on golf greens.

Maesteg Golf Club was originally established in 1913, at Brynmawr Farm featuring a par-36 nine-hole layout, renting two rooms at Mount Pleasant Farm to act as locker rooms for members. Throughout World War I, the course and its facilities were offered to Belgian refugees and wounded soldiers free of charge remaining closed to the public. The course was reopened in 1919 following the war, moving to Cwncerwn Farm in October 1920, where the modern-day course is now situated.

James discussed the main reasons he began using Attraxor at Maesteg Golf Club: "The main reason that I began using Attraxor was for growth regulation. It was recommended to me by fellow greenkeepers to reduce growth during wet and humid months when growth usually accelerates."

Attraxor has been shown to effectively regulate growth of managed amenity turf. The active substance, Prohexadione-calcium, inhibits the gibberellic acid pathway, which results in a reduction of turf height and turf biomass. Root growth is also promoted through use of Attraxor whilst turf colour and quality are maintained.

James confirmed: "Attraxor has definitely helped lower maintenance, which has also saved the greens from the stresses that occur from regular cutting."

Attraxor also limits the spread of annual meadow grass, Poa annua, by reducing seed-head production and physiological weakening. James states: "There has definitely been a significant decrease in seedhead population since we have started using Attraxor."

James noticed that there had also been improvement in grass quality: "After application, the quality of the greens is superb. If we have a big tournament, we know we will be able to spray the turf on the Friday, knowing that by Saturday the sward will be dense, thick and tight which with a cut and roll provides a perfect surface for the tournament."

James was very impressed with the results from using Attraxor compared to other PGR products: "Most PGR products are very good, but what I like about Attraxor is how fast it works. A couple of hours after it has been applied you can see it working.

"We have yet to try it on other areas of the course, however we do have a lot of green side banks that we will be trialling it on. If that works as well as it does on the green, I imagine we will see a reduction in maintenance resulting in lower petrol costs, saving us money all around."

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