Catterick Racecourse says Kubota RTV900 is a thoroughbred

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picture SDavdThe Kubota RTV900 all-terrain utility vehicle has proven to be an odds on favourite with Catterick Racecourse when it comes to which machine it uses to maintain the track and grounds.

After investing in an RTV900, Catterick Racecourse has found that it leads the field in terms of fuel economy - and, as a result, is now using the vehicle to undertake a wide variety of multi-purpose tasks which would have been traditionally undertaken by a tractor and trailer or pick-up.

Catterick Racecourse incorporates both flat and National Hunt courses and is therefore one of only a handful of venues in the UK that runs fixtures every month.

Head groundsman Ed Fenwick-Clennell has used Kubota machines in a previous role and, impressed with the RTV900's reputation as a versatile and economical workhorse, felt it would be the perfect addition to his groundcare fleet.

Featuring a unique transmission system, advanced automotive type suspension, power steering and the highest ground clearance in its class, this four-wheel drive vehicle is comfortable across even the most difficult terrain.

The RTV900 is powered by a Kubota 22hp E-TVCS three cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, together with a unique three-range variable hydrostatic transmission system (VHT).

picture pHlhCEd and his six full-time groundcare team use the RTV900 for everything from tidying up birch jumps, sanding and soiling the course, to moving strimmers and other groundcare equipment around in order to keep the course tidy.

Speaking about the RTV900, Ed said: "I've always liked Kubota machines for their reliability and versatility, which is why we went for an RTV900. It's exactly what we were looking for - it's really fuel efficient, making it ideal for getting from one end of the racecourse to the other, which is over a mile long."

Ed and his team have also found the tipping function to be extremely useful for a wide variety of jobs including carrying sand, soil and grass cuttings. And it is thanks to the RTV900's versatility that is now being used more and more for those jobs that would have previously been traditionally done by a tractor and trailer.

Ed purchased the RTV900 through local Kubota dealer Russells Ltd with whom he has a long relationship for equipment supplies and on-site servicing. "Our local dealer Russells Ltd has always been extremely helpful and always goes the extra mile for us."

Kubota machines have a legendary reputation for quality, performance, reliability, ease of operation and outstanding value-for-money and a national network of Kubota tractor and groundcare dealers, such as Russells Ltd, provides the highest standards of advice and after-sales service.

For more information about Kubota's market leading compact tractors, ride-on mowers, and their class-leading RTV900 all-terrain utility vehicle, together with details of your local dealer, contact Kubota Tractor & Groundcare Division Tel: 0800 023 1111/ROI: 1 800 848 000 Email: or visit

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