Centre Court fire: evacuation at Wimbledon

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Centre Court completely evacuated amid alarms and arrival of emergency services at end the of the third day of Wimbledon 2015

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For the second time in a day, there has been a fire scare at the Wimbledon Championships. Centre Court and all adjacent areas were evacuated as a fire alarm sounded amid reports of an electrical fire.

Shortly after 21.10 an announcement was made informing the public that there was a fire alarm on Centre Court and people were instructed to leave the court immediately.

Shortly after 21.25 another announcement was made over loud speaker confirming that the alarm had been increased to a full scale evacuation of the court and all surrounding buildings.

A middle-aged patient was rushed out of Centre Court on a stretcher reportedly with injuries to her left leg, and was accompanied by her worried family.

The alarm was said to have sounded in the Wingfield restaurant, but a Metrpolitan Police spokesman said the incident was not being treated as suspicious.

BBC2's live highlights programme was being broadcast as the incident took place but the set is around 300 yards from the site in a tented hospitality suite.

Security guards cleared the area, pushing all staff and remaining spectators back. Play had finished for the day but there were still a few hundred people on site.

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