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brogal Lamberhurst Engineering, the Kent based distributor of Ferrari Tractors and the full range of Caroni mowers have been confirmed as the sole UK distributor for Italian manufacturers Brogio.

The new patented tool comes in three different sizes, from five links up to nine, giving a maximum spread of up to 22 inches in diameter. It is easily fitted to any type of brushcutter for the deforestation and cutting of grass, brambles and shrubs of small and large areas.

The simple addition of a Brogio flail head attachment to a standard brushcutter turns it from a machine capable of trimming grass, weeds and brambles into a universal machine you would normally use a heavy duty hedge trimmer or even a chainsaw for.

So what is the secret? Instead of using the standard flexible nylon cord head or in some cases the cutter blade option, the entire head is removed and replaced by a simple, circular bolt-on plate. This has two 180 degree opposing mountings onto which two lengths of chain are located. Once the machine is in use, instead of the nylon cord whizzing round, you have two chains.

The results can be devastating. The chains form a flywheel effect giving the host machine a much improved and more effective performance - to a point where users have been known to use the long sweep of brushcutters to cut through saplings of over an inch in diameter without the effort or downforce needed when using a hedgecutter.

Brogio was invented by Italian Brogio Loriano, who had previously been working within the agricultural market and had decided to create a trimmer head able to fit any strimmer or brushcutter.

Loriano has calculated that Brogio can save users about 20 euros of Nylon thread and 30 euros of labour per day based on an average working day of eight hours.

Prices start from £27.50 plus VAT for the five link model, £29.50 for the seven link model and £30.50 for the nine link model.

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