Charterhouse Dress to Impress

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Charterhouse Dress to Impress

Harrogate Show - STAND B33

Top-dressers will feature prominently on the Charterhouse Turf Machinery stand at BTME 2006. The company offers a complete range to suit all needs and budgets, designed for maximum efficiency.

Effective top-dressing is a key maintenance task. Materials can be selected to restore nutrient levels and create a healthy soil profile. The operation can level out uneven surfaces, improve soil porosity for better drainage, and can maximise the effectiveness of irrigation.

All models in Charterhouse's Rink range have a continuous-loop guided belt that delivers the material for accurate spreading. A revolving brush ensures even distribution across the desired width. This system also enables the machines to handle wet material.

Making their debut at BTME are the DS Rink units which incorporate the latest precise spinner applicator technology. The exact point at which the top-dressing is delivered on to the twin discs is adjustable to suit the specific material being applied. The 0.8 cu m capacity DS800 is available either as a trailed machine or body mounted on to larger turf trucks, while the larger 1.2 cu m capacity DS1200 is a trailed unit.

Charterhouse also offer the Easy Spread, a hydraulic powered machine that requires a 28hp tractor. It can load itself and operators can spread up to 80 tonnes per day, with all settings being adjustable from the driving seat. It can be set to provide anything from a light dusting to an application more than 1/2in (12mm) thick.

Charterhouse will also promote the renowned Verti-Drain range of aerators. These machines alleviate compaction and aerate to depths of up to 400mm (16in), depending on model type, and the versatile range includes sizes and configurations for all professional requirements with derivatives now suiting virtually all applications. Within the last twelve months alone Charterhouse have introduced the monster 7626 Contractor Verti-Drain, the speedy 7120 which offers fast performance with consistent accuracy and the new 7110, a lightweight version suitable for use with compact tractors as modest as 15hp. In addition, this year Charterhouse launched the only ride-on high speed hydrostatic model, the 7007, aerating to depths of 15cm (6in).

"Top-dressing and aeration are essential turf management operations, and Charterhouse have a proven range of equipment that provides results of the highest quality," says Managing Director, Philip Threadgold. "We look forward to welcoming turf professionals at BTME and showing them the benefits these machines can bring."

Photo: the Rink DS800 at Hollandbush Golf Club, Lanarkshire

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