Charterhouse tee off for charity

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Charterhouse tee off for charity

By Sue Meeken

A golfing foursome from Charterhouse Turf Machinery has helped raise £5,750 for two baby care hospital facilities in the south west of England.

Chouseteam.jpg October at Caversham Heath Golf Club, Berkshire.

The event was staged in remembrance of little Taylor James Moore, a newborn baby who sadly died in August. Funds raised from entry fees, a raffle and an auction during the Golf Day have been donated to two hospitals.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St Michaels Hospital in Bristol, and the Special Baby Care Unit at The Great Western Hospital in Swindon, will put the money towards new specialist equipment.

"We were delighted that so much has been raised for such a good cause," says Nick Darking, Sales Manager from Charterhouse Turf Machinery, "And it was nice to actually be able to play golf - usually we visit golf courses to demonstrate Verti-Drains, overseeders and other Charterhouse machines!"

Nick adds that anyone wanting to make a donation should contact

Core products from Charterhouse

Hollow tining is essential for healthy sports turf, but it leaves cores of soil on the surface that must be removed quickly for play to continue. Charterhouse Turf Machinery offer the solution with two new high work-rate core collectors designed for maximum efficiency.

The CC3000 model is a self-propelled pedestrian machine, while the CC2000 is a tractor-mounted version. Both feature a fully floating pick-up head and a stainless steel bottom blade for efficient collection even in wet conditions. CharterhouseC3000.jpg

The CC3000 has a conveyor belt lift system that ejects the cores into the 7.06 cu ft (0,2 cu m) capacity hopper. The tractor-trailed CC2000 features a rotary impeller collector head that throws the collected material at great velocity into the hopper. This speed of delivery helps shatter the cores and enables a greater volume to be collected before emptying.

Both models can tip the collected material hydraulically to a height of 31in (800mm) on to a truck or trailer.

The machines have already attracted rave reviews from delighted users, such as Steve Mucklow, Head Greenkeeper at the Beau Desert Golf Club in Cannock, Staffordshire. "We couldn't believe how well the CC3000 performs, even with wet, heavy cores. We no longer have to sweep material into windrows, the machine simply does it all. It's fast and fantastic."

Ian Headly, Owner of Strathclyde Sports Turf Management, gives his CC3000 top marks for versatility. "It not only collects cores, but also makes short work of gathering the debris created by verti-cutting and scarifying. It's really a very useful multi-tasking machine."

Meanwhile, David Ellerby, Head Greenkeeper at Beeston Fields Golf Club in Derbyshire, says that all his greenkeeping team are won over by the unit. "Everyone wants to use it and the cores are collected in no time. No more shovels for us!"

The CC2000 and CC3000 also appeal to the environmentally conscious, since the collected cores can be recycled to help prepare a valuable compost or top dressing.
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