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Turf professionals carrying out autumn aeration need to keep a close check on the quality and condition of the tines they are using, if they are to avoid aeration problems. So says distributor Lely UK's Toro parts manager, Phil Bowen, who warns that giving into temptation to use inferior parts to save a few pounds can cause big headaches for operators.

Phil says: "If you've used inferior or spurious tines you'll be familiar with the aeration headaches these can cause. Operators forever find themselves changing broken or bent tines, or unclogging cores while on the job, or collecting core debris and repairing damage post-aeration.

And even more man-hours and money are wasted buying and applying replacement tines. So, to put a stop to these problems, we strongly recommend that turf managers working with Toro aeration equipment should always opt for genuine Toro tines.

"And with Toro tines compatible with most leading equipment makes, others can benefit, too, and optimise their aeration programmes without having to invest in a new machine."

When it comes to getting the very best results from an aeration regime, Toro has over 150 tines to choose from. There's one to suit every turf application, soil situation, season and Toro ProCore aerator, from its highly-popular 648 pedestrian machine and 864 and 1298 tractor-mounted models to the SR Series deep-tine aerators.

But, whatever users opt for, Toro says its tines will deliver precise, consistent holes for faster turf recovery, a smooth finish and speedier return to play.

For more details about genuine Toro tines, contact distributor Lely UK's Toro parts department on 01480 226870, email or visit

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