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The new Classen RA21 reciprocating aerator is a mean machine. It's designed to punch cleaner holes in tough, hardened soil without additional weights. Just what's needed to aerate large turf areas and get air to the roots to promote growth after long, dry spells. The RA21 is designed to be easy to use, easy to maintain and comes at a price that makes it easier to purchase.

As with all Classen turf care products, simplicity is built in. An open design allows for clear unobstructed access to the engine. The lightweight, rust-resistant two-piece cover reduces overall unit noise and allows easy access for maintenance to the tines and drive belt. The belt itself is easily replaced without removing the crankshaft.

Because the new Classen Reciprocating Aerator doesn't utilize hydraulics to independently drive the tines, the operator controls are simple. The reciprocating tine design covers more turf in less time and with less fatigue, the core tines reciprocate at 450 revolutions per minute and can cover up to 26,000 sq.ft. per hour.

Overall, the Classen RA21 aerator is easier to manoeuvre than its drum style predecessors, with large, pneumatic wheels front and back providing better flotation on turf, It drives and turns like a walk-behind mower. Tyre scrapes fitted on the front and rear are designed to keep tyres free from dirt and help the maximum penetration of the turf.

Other neat features include lifting and tie-down handles for safe transportation and a folding handle to use less space on hire shop floors and in trailers. With its 80 cm (31.5") width it fits through gates. The Classen RA21 aerator comes with a two-year warranty. Classen. Built to use, designed to last.

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