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DSCF0912.JPGInvestment in the maintenance of sand based synthetic turf pitches once they have been laid is as vital as the initial design and specification. Leicester based Technical Surfaces, who are specialists in rejuvenating pitches that are starting to lose their performance have recently been working across the South East in Kent at the Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School in Rochester, plus numerous other sites across what is known as the garden of England.

The company has been using its own specialist equipment to give life back to these pitches, including the one in Rochester that was laid back in 1999.

As part of an ongoing maintenance package, the Sir Joseph Williamson's School's synthetic pitch has now received a "Rejeneration®", which removed contaminated sand with an air process, lifted the pile and replaced new sand.

As sand filled synthetic pitches become older, the sand becomes contaminated and begins to consolidate stopping drainage. McAlpine, who constructed the pitch for the school suggested Technical Surfaces as the company to get the pitch back to its former glory.
Head Groundsman at the school Brian Coomer explains how Technical Surfaces have re-established the pitch: "In October 2007, we agreed to Technical Surfaces coming in to give our pitch what they call a Rejeneration following their initial site visit in November 2006. This gave the pitch a new lease of life and did a far better job than our usual tractor and trailed brush does. To be fair, the pitch has held up well in the 9 years since it's been laid but the sand was contaminated and it needed to be cleaned."

Following on from the Rejeneration® process, it is important to implement a specialist maintenance programme to compliment in house drag brushing. Technical Surfaces have been contracted to carry out specialist Power Sweep and Sand Redistributions which involves lifting and cleaning the sand infill and removing dust and debris that quickly accumulates on outdoor surfaces. The machines used for these processes not only sweep loose sand into a collection hopper but also spreads any remaining material out and collect the excess in a drag mat ensuring a regular coverage and depth of sand.

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