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Fusarium Snow Mould trial - Daconil back mr.jpgFusarium infections ran riot under the blanket of snow in February. With weather conditions warming up old lesions could spring back into life on new growth. Fungicide treatments now could clear up infections and allow turf grow away cleanly.

Turf managers should be acting now to clear up the severe cases of Fusarium Patch that occurred under the snow blanket in February. The large numbers of disease scars left on fine turf surfaces could reignite when conditions become conducive, unless the level of disease inoculum can be brought under control.

In the latest STRI Technical Notes on the GreenCast web site (, Dr Ruth Mann reports 'spectacular' levels of disease left when the snow melted. "As the mild temperatures are returning, the edges of Fusarium Patch (Snow Mould) scars are becoming active again, leading to potential further outbreaks," she warns.

The effects of the disease could be made worse by spring fertiliser applications encouraging lush early growth more susceptible to infection. Where disease has already been a problem, she advocates turf managers use lawn sand as the first fertiliser dressing to minimise the risks of infection. "If weather conditions become conducive to disease, fungicide application may be required," adds Dr Mann.

Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson, advises that whilst conditions remain cold at night and turf growth is relatively slow, the contact fungicides Instrata or Daconil Weather Stik will be the first option for control. Simon Watson appointment PR pic.jpg

Trials have shown that Daconil Weather Stik can both protect uninfected turf from the spread of disease, as well as offering curative activity where diseased spots are reigniting or where new infection is breaking out. STRI trials have shown an average 87% control of Fusarium when treated at the first signs of infection.

"The advantage of Instrata is that the multi-active formulation includes the systemic propiconazole, along with the new contact active, fludioxonil," he adds. "It gives turf managers extra flexibility through the busy spring period and ensures the growing turf is protected for a longer period."

To read the latest issue of STRI Tech Notes visit the web site or click here for further information on Daconil Weather Stick curative activity and turf quality.

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