Combination of J Premier Pitch and 4Turf ticks all the boxes for Eastleigh FC

Louise Challissin Turf & Grass Seed

Managing a high wear pitch, on a relatively tight budget is probably a story with which most non and lower league club grounds managers can relate. For Eastleigh FC Head Groundsman Dan Barnes, the task is made slightly easier by getting the right seed in the ground first and foremost - and for this, he turns to Johnsons J Premier Pitch. Along with delivering superior wear tolerance, its resistance to disease has meant Dan has only applied fungicide once in the last four years.

Eastleigh FC moved to their home at the Silverlake Stadium in the 1950's and limited investment since then has resulted in a pitch that struggles with drainage and requires thoughtful management - a challenge Dan picked up four years ago, despite having no previous Groundsmanship experience! "In those first few months I spent a lot of time undertaking qualifications and networking with other groundsmen as I sought to build a bank of suppliers" explains Dan, who is assisted only by a team of volunteers. "When it came to seed, after I tried Johnsons J Premier Pitch mixture, I've never wanted to use anything else."

"Despite our challenging ground conditions, this mixture delivers on all of the key performance characteristics - it's hard-wearing, gives us fantastic visual merit and has demonstrated fantastic tolerance to disease. In four years, we've had just one Fusarium outbreak which we could attribute to the use of pitch covers." Due to budget constraints, Dan has to be creative when it comes to seeding, usually applying 50g per m2 during summer renovations and then overseeding at 25-30g per m2 in the autumn and again in the spring to see them through to the end of the season.

Last winter, Dan supplemented Premier Pitch with Johnsons J 4Turf to benefit from the lower temperature germination of DLF's tetraploid ryegrass. "This gave the pitch a real boost through the winter and undoubtedly helped us get through a fixture pile-up we had in February 2021 where we hosted five games in a 19-day period. The increased root length we get with the J 4Turf mixture provides great additional strength and, along with J Premier Pitch, recovers brilliantly."

"There is nothing more satisfying than being proud of the surface you present" Dan concludes. "This combination of Johnsons mixtures gives us a pitch that is always fit and ready for play which, in turn, satisfies the following of fans we are really fortunate to have here at the club."

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