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Supertrencher 760 061Golf Clubs throughout the country are looking for new members. Whereas a few years ago joining fees and waiting lists were the norm as the number of local golf courses has grown so has the competition for golfers

Clubs have reacted to this by waiving joining fees but whilst this has brought benefits in the short term it has created problems in the long term. If the golf course isn't up to scratch members simply take their custom elsewhere!

The long established Cleethorpes Golf Course has had a successful membership drive enrolling over 80 new members this year. The club realises if it is to retain the new and long established members it must upgrade the course.

Course Manager, Rob Welford has persuaded the management committee to invest in land drainage works on some of the wetter fairways and they have engaged local firm Shelton Sportsturf Drainage Solutions to undertake this work.

Shelton's are world leaders in golf course drainage and have been using their very latest equipment on the Cleethorpes site.

Cleethorpes Golf Club is situated on the southern outskirts of the town. Originally the land was devoted to farming and some fairways still show signs of the old ridges and furrows. This technique was an inexpensive form of drainage allowing livestock, especially sheep, to graze the high spots when the furrows were full of water.

When installing modern drainage systems with perforated land drainage pipes on such sites it is essential laser equipment is used to get an even fall on the bottom of the drainage trenches.

Shelton's used their latest Shelton Supertrencher+ 760 to install the majority of the pipes. With an output substantially higher than other dedicated sportsground trenchers the cleanliness of the digging equally impressed the members. And as soon as the contract team left the site the fairways were opened for play.

The 160mm main drainage pipes were installed in trenches dug by the 3 point linkage mounted Shelton Chain Trencher. These trenches were backfilled with 4-8mm Lytag and topped with a growing medium, as were the laterals

Ed Gilbert, in charge of contracting at Shelton's said "the site is a challenging one from the point of land drainage. There is little fall on the fairways and the ridges and furrows make the laser equipment work for its living. This newly drained area will enable play to continue in all but the most extreme storms"

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