Complete Weed Control embraces innovative Jacobsen SprayTek

Ella Boydenin Machinery & Mechanics

The south and central Wales branch of Complete Weed Control, the specialist contract service franchise, has purchased a Jacobsen SprayTek XP sprayer to help with the eradication of weeds in the region.

Chris Philips, Sarah Philips and Alan Abel are directors of Complete Weed Control - South and Central Wales. Commenting on the decision to purchase the Jacobsen SprayTek XP, Chris said, "When the opportunity arose to purchase a new sprayer, we booked in

numerous demos to see what was available on the market. The Jacobsen SprayTek was the first machine we had on demo, and we used it as a benchmark to compare the others to. As it happens, no other sprayer matched up to it. The technology and innovation is miles ahead of anything we have seen, and it's important to us that we are investing in cutting-edge products that will be current for the next 10 years."

The Jacobsen SprayTek XP features a 1,136l spray capacity and a reliable manual electric system for pressure-based spraying, computer control for flow-based system, and advance GPS mapping system for reduced chemical cost. The robust triangular truss boom is available in a variety of widths with breakaway protection, and are cross-folding for narrow transport width.

"Complete Weed Control is committed to utilising new technology and minimising the use of pesticides." Chris continued. "The SprayTek XP fits our company ethos due to the GPS which allows us to accurately map out a golf course or piece of land to spray so

that we do not waste expensive product by reapplying pesticides to the same area, or spraying where we don't need to. This has made a huge difference economically to our business, and our customers as well.

"We have had a relationship with our local dealer, Keith Morgan Mowers, for 25-30 years now, and we have always received good service. Jon Morgan looks after us particularly well, and the after-sales support that we have received provides us with confidence to purchase other machinery that we might require in the future."

Complete Weed Control was established in 1982 in South Wales as a franchise. The company are specialist contract service providers within the amenity market which includes golf courses, local authorities, industrial areas, utilities, sports arenas and cricket grounds.

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