Complete Weed Control statement regarding trade shows

Christopher Bassettin Industry News

In a company statement, Ian Graham - managing director of Complete Weed Control has announced that the company will no longer exhibit at BTME or Saltex.

"Historically both shows have been successful events which have resulted in good levels of interest. However, BTME and Saltex enquiry numbers and values have been in steady decline. As a consequence, our continuing presence has become a topic of conversation each year.

"We have attended the two exhibitions since 1983 and therefore our decision to withdraw has not being an easy one. Overall, the budget for both shows, including stand space, time and all other associated costs, runs into many tens of thousands of pounds. We are very confident that this sum of money will be better diverted into digital and online channels where we have seen an increase in enquiry levels over the same period."

"It is also our intention to put together a series of regional events where we can invite existing and potential clients along to discuss the various services we can provide."

"Our opinion is that trade shows in general are becoming obsolete as a consequence of the success of digital platforms. Customers can find information quickly and at their own convenience whilst vendors are far more willing to visit a client for bespoke demonstration of their equipment or services."

"We will continue to attend both shows in the capacity of visitors and wish both BTME and Saltex the very best for the future."