Composting is the way forward says Course Care

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Composting is the way forward says Course Care

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Responding to market trends, Course Care has been busy researching composting and launched their new Compost Maker at BTME.Course-Care-Compos.jpg

Explained MD David Mears; "A growing number of our customers have expressed a serious interest in composting and asked us if we could help. We fully realised that this would become the next major issue as we have seen what is happening on the continent. We had to be sure that we offered a product that was right for our customers and spent the last 12 months thoroughly researching, speaking to many experts in the field. It became clear that a windrow system is the best way forward and, following successful trials at The Berkshire Golf Club, we launched two PTO driven machines at BTME, (5 and a 9 cubic metre capacity models)."

The Course Care Compost Maker (a 9 cubic metre model is shown here) will chop, shred and mix a variety of materials, including grass clippings, leaves, twigs, small branches, hollow tine cores, green kitchen waste and cardboard (usually plenty available from the Pro's shop!).

Judging by the number of people on the Course Care stand a Compost Maker could be the way forward for many, especially if grant aid can be secured as one course has already done.

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