Conservation at Kings Hill

Duncan Kelsoin Golf

DuncanKelso-Orchid.jpgFrom the very beginnings of Kings Hill Golf Club, one of the key objectives has always been to establish a quality golf course in the most natural and diverse setting that the site offers. To achieve this a policy and commitment to the environment, and its improvement and ongoing management, were put in place.

Kings Hill is now well on the way to finding a suitable balance between man and nature, leading to the provision of a first rate leisure facility that provides natural habitats for common and rare species of flora and fauna, which can be enjoyed by all golfers whether members or visitors.

In 1998 an Environmental Management Document was set out, recording history, laying down plans, standards and on-going maintenance procedures to maximise the opportunities that the site presents in terms of its biodiversity.

Over the years, the gradual regeneration and management of the heathland area, combined with careful management of the woodland and native grassland areas, has seen the gradual development and improvement of native species of plants and wildlife, some of which are rare to the area.

In 2005 Kings Hill Golf Club took part in the 'Adders In Decline' survey by the Kent Reptile and Amphibian Group.

Working with our partners at the Kent Wildlife Trust, the club was awarded a CLA Wildlife Sites Award for the excellent conservation work carried out on the site, awarded by the Country Land & Business Association in 2001.

In 2004 it was a winner for 'Land Management and Biodiversity' in the Environment Awards For Kent Businesses, and is still the only golf club in Kent to achieve this prestigious award.

The staff at Kings Hill Golf Club are also helping to restore another area of heathland in Kent which is part of the Kent High Weald Project. This is a commitment to community work with labour and machinery being volunteered every February

We are constantly looking at other aspects of conserving the environment. We already have a water recycling facility for machinery wash down, reservoir, weather station and water management software to maximise the use of water for turfgrass and avoid wastage. Other projects we are currently investigating include wind and solar power for buildings, and the option of bio fuels for running the majority of the equipment used in maintaining the golf course.

We have only come a short way and there is so much more to achieve, environmental work is an ongoing commitment, so there is no sitting back.

Constant management plus careful, dedicated maintenance of all aspects of our impact on the environment will conserve and improve our surroundings.

Next time you play a round of golf, at whatever club, take a moment to look around. Who knows what you might spot while you are waiting your turn to tee off.

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