Conventionally-Steered Zero turn mowers from Massey Ferguson

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MF 50-23 IZ.jpgTwo conventionally-steered ride-on mowers with zero-turn capabilities have joined the Massey Ferguson product line-up for 2009. One is a mid-deck machine, the other a front-deck model, making it the first out-front rotary mower within Massey Ferguson's grounds care range.

The MF 50-23 IZ ride-on mid mower has independently-driven rear wheels and a unique steerable front axle operated by a conventional steering wheel. Drive to the two rear wheels is controlled by advanced SynchroTM technology (patents pending) that synchronises movement of the steering wheel to control the speed and rotational direction of the rear wheels.

The result is zero-turn agility from a conventionally-steered mower, enabling 360 degree turns to be made within the overall length of the machine.

Tight turns are enhanced by exceptional ground-following capabilities thanks to the use of a pivoting front axle, a wide track and low centre of gravity that helps keep all wheels firmly on the ground to give a smoother, safer cut across level or sloping terrain.

Powered by a 23hp twin cylinder petrol engine, the MF 50-23 IZ is equipped with a 1.27m heavy-duty triple bladed mowing deck with anti-scalp rollers and mulching kit. An optional collector is available for use with the quick-attach side-discharge deck.

Other standard equipment includes an adjustable high-back seat, comfortable soft-touch steering wheel and patented SmartJet high-pressure deck washing system.MF 50-22 FMZ.jpg

For users who prefer an out-front mowing deck, the new MF 50-22 FMZ ride-on front mower combines the exceptional manoeuvrability of a zero-turn machine with the high visibility provided by having the cutter deck mounted ahead of the operator.

Utilising the same advanced SynchroTM synchronised steering technology as found on the new MF 50-23 IZ ride-on mid mower, the MF 50-22 FMZ has front drive wheels whose speed and direction of rotation are controlled by movements of the rear steered axle, actuated through a conventional steering wheel.

The result is a high-output mower able to turn within its own length, delivering superb manoeuvrability, particularly useful for cutting in awkward or confined areas. Maximum working speed is 6mph.

The MF 50-22 FMZ is powered by a 22hp Kawasaki petrol engine and has a quick-attach 1.27m heavy-duty floating cutter deck fitted with three blades. Blade engagement is by electrically-operated clutch and height of cut is adjustable from 38mm to 114mm on a pair of swivelling front support wheels. The side-discharge deck has anti-scalping rollers and incorporates patented Smart Jet high-pressure deck washing system. A mulching kit is supplied as standard.

Maximum operator comfort and convenience are assured by an easily-accessed driver's platform with fingertip controls, well-positioned instrumentation and a multi-position high back seat with arm rests.

Demonstrations of these latest additions to Massey Ferguson's comprehensive and growing range of professional and residential grounds care products can be arranged through the company's appointed national dealer network. For dealer locations and contact details, please visit

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