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2006_CTX_Working_XUpHill.jpgOn show on the Countax Stand H11+H12 at IOG Scotsturf 2010 will be:

Countax Diesel:Countax will be exhibiting their new D23-50LN Diesel ride-on mower fitted with the new Yanmar 3 cylinder, 4-cycle liquid cooled Diesel engine.

The Yanmar 3TBM68 engine provides the new Countax with clean, quiet, fuel efficient and reliable performance - easily meeting current exhaust emissions regulations. A newly designed, in-line MC type rotary fuel injector pump is utilized to provide more precise fuel delivery and control. The result is reduced emissions, improved performance and good fuel economy.

With a heavy-duty chassis and 127cm (50") Combi cutter deck, the new Countax Diesel provides fast and efficient cutting. The Combi deck can be used to cut and collect with an optional 390 litre powered grass collector, or can be very simply converted to allow fast collection-free mulching.

2010_CTX_Location_D2350LNLongGrass.jpgThe new Countax Diesel can also be fitted with the High Grass Mulching Deck which, in one pass, will reduce long grass, weeds and even brambles to a mulch. The power of the Yanmar diesel engine can be harnessed through a PTO to drive and range powered accessories, including a chipper/shredder and scarifier.

Countax X Series: The Countax X Series has recently undergone a series of improvements and is now available with upgraded components and key design features, setting new standards in performance.

Driving the new X Series has been made even easier with upgraded and repositioned control pedals, a new linkage system, which produces smooth operation between forward and reverse, and a new steering system. The operation to place the cutter deck into the wash position, a feature which has proved very popular with users, has been simplified. Users have full access to the underside of the cutter deck for cleaning and maintenance.

The process of swapping cutter decks has been improved, making changes between the standard Combi deck and the High Grass Mulching deck a fast and simple exercise. The High Grass Mulching deck has a new heavy-duty frame with a pointed apex, which directs more material into the path of the blades, improving performance and stability.

2010_SNO_SnoThrowerCloseUpLowAngle2.jpgSno-Tek:ST24 models.

Sno-Tek snow throwers offer users a two stage performance, featuring steel serrated augers to bring the snow smoothly and quickly into the front housing, and a powerful impeller to throw the snow out of the chute, resulting in fast and efficient snow removal.

The large freeze-resistant 3 blade impeller is powered by a 208cc Storm Force OHV engine, equipped with 240v electric or recoil start. Snow collected by the serrated augers is ejected via a polymer chute with steel deflector cap, capable of 205 degree rotation to allow the operator to direct snow flow.

Ariens Sno-Tek models have fully welded and reinforced frames, with a structural truss to add strength and durability, and are equipped with Polar Trac tyres to maintain traction even in slippery conditions.

Gravely® Pro-Master: On show will be the Gravely® Pro-Master 260 commercial grade zero-turn mower, packed with features such as large capacity 49litre fuel tank, and full suspension seat with armrests, easy-access controls to reduce operator fatigue and 150cm (602) rear discharge cutting deck.

A lockable, pivoting front axle assures a smoother, more comfortable ride while large tyres , both front and rear, enhance stability and traction. Adjustable anti-scalp rollers and hardened steel blades efficiently integrate for a beautifully manicured finish.

T2010_GRV_988146_ProWalk36FLH.jpghe Pro-Master 260 gives fast and efficient cutting with incredible manoeuvrability, coupled with a robust and durable construction, designed for extended use and low maintenance.

Gravely® Pro-Walk: Several models from the Gravely® Pro-Walk range will be featured on the Countax stand. Pro-Walk® features Pro-Steer controls, designed for added safety and operator comfort. The looped handlebar allows for fingertip control of the mower, and anti vibration soft grip handles permit extended operator use. An adjustable speed control bar allows the operator to set a safe maximum speed, and the integrated OPC and handbrake prevent the mower from running or starting in an unsafe condition.

Pro-Walks are available with either a fixed or fully floating cutter deck in sizes up to 120cm (48"), and all decks are fitted as standard with a zero maintenance spindle. The Pro-Walk can cut efficiently and safely up to 14Km/h, so you can mow faster without compromising on quality of finish.

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