COUNTDownZero on course to win new friends

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Treating diesel fuel with COUNTDownZero with Biocide will act against diesel bacteria copyHighspeed Group Ltd., makers of COUNTDownZero diesel fuel treatment, have seen a surge in business recently, particularly as customers seek ways of improving their fuel consumption now that record prices are here.

One area of growth has been from an unexpected quarter. Highspeed's David Mears commented; "COUNTDownZero is an established fuel treatment, reducing particulate emissions, protecting pumps and injectors and improving fuel consumption. However, since the introduction of Biocide to the product, we've seen growing demand from our golf and sports customers, not normally concerned with improving mpg's on course machinery!

It is the biocide element that is the main interest. This acts against the dreaded Diesel Bug (Diesel Bacteria) and, with the warmer weather coming and greater condensation in diesel storage tanks providing an ideal breeding ground for the bug, COUNTDownZero could be a great help."

Since the introduction of up to 7% FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) from January 2011, concerns have been growing and ways sought to ease these. COUNTDownZero is suitable for all diesel engines; small, large with or without turbo's, catalysts etc.

The product has been in use for many years, and Highspeed's continuous development programme ensures it remains effective by offering a very effective formulation for today's engines and systems. The most efficient treatment is to dose the main diesel tank used to fill all machinery and vehicles.

COUNTDownZero is available in a variety of sizes to suit all applications from mini "one shot" bottles to IBC's for large installations. An economical 1000:1 treatment ratio is fine for normal use and 500:1 for diesel affected by diesel bacteria.

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