Covid-19 Q&A with GKB's Tom Shinkins

Lee Williamsin Machinery & Mechanics

We spoke to Tom Shinkins, Operations Manager at GKB machines Ltd to find out how they have adapted their working practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How have you had to adapt working practices?

Obviously, we are looking at the way we do things worldwide. We have been utilising platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to deliver dealer and distributor training online and to also share product knowledge.

Is the factory in Holland still working?

Yes, they are still producing machines and completing orders in line with Dutch guidelines and regulations they have had to follow.

Are you still generating interest for future demo's/sales?

We are very much still completing orders and have an on-going marketing campaign launching new machines. We are getting out and doing as many demos as we can, following strict customer and government guidelines.

Are you still able to deliver machinery?

Some deliveries have gone out in the last couple of weeks and we have kept these as contactless as possible. This has been followed up with installation training via a video or using technology that is available to us. Hopefully, we will get out there at a later date to do more thorough installation training.

Where are new machines being stored whilst they await delivery?

There is plenty of stock at the factory in Holland. Everything is there ready to go - so if you need anything, from a triangle brush or top-dresser to drainage equipment, we have all it all in the factory ready to go.