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With the recent launch of their new 'Crocodile Golf' website, the Ralph Martindale Group has underlined their continued progress which they have taken since 1874!

PAUL TANNER IMG_0088.JPGWhen trading began during the reign of Queen Victoria no-one could have envisaged the future history and enviable reputation for the quality and reliability of all its manufactured products that has become reality today.

As an initial manufacturer of sugar cane harvesting knives, along with a range of agricultural harvesting tools, the company have adapted the same cutting edge technology to develop an impressive range of replacement cylinder mower blades and bottom blades. These are specifically designed to fit a variety of the most popular commercial mowing machines, including John Deere, Toro and Jacobsen.

With ISO 9002 total quality management and a dedicated commitment to service, the company operates to the highest international standards and all products come with a lifetime guarantee against breakages.

At their 60,000 square foot factory in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Crocodile Golf Products has been a specialist for over forty years in the manufacture of replacement rotary grass and turfcare products and has recently launched a comprehensive range of high quality cylinder blades and bottom blades.

The global market for golf-type cutting blades is represented by over 30,000 golf courses worldwide of which over 2,700 are in the U.K. The replacement parts sector is currently dominated by the OEM producers.

Given the market potential, Crocodile Golf is already selling turfcare products into Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and the Far East.
Business Development Director, Paul Tanner, commented "Our customers tell us that our replacement cylinders and bottom blades provide an 'improved fit' and actually outlast the OEM parts by some distance!

IMG_0073.JPGAll of the cylinder spirals and the bottom blades are made from high quality carbon, boron or silicon manganese spring steels rolled in our own hot-rolling mill. The rolling mill is widely regarded as one of the most modern and technologically advanced in Europe.

"The bottom blades are completely through-hardened to between 45-50 HRC and then precision ground to give a variety of heights of cut ranging from 13mm for use on fairways down to 1.5mm for use on the fine turf areas around the tee boxes and greens." Paul added that "A hot-rolled steel section offers a much more uniform and homogeneous structure to the steel giving it greater toughness and wear resistance throughout." This quality has not gone unnoticed. "Precision-grinding the cylinder blades to a concentricity of less than one-thousandth-of-an-inch allows easy and immediate assembly, whilst relief-grinding reduces wear and tear on the motor and improves health and safety by reducing noise and vibration."

South Staffs groomed with a Crocodile cut.

SOUTH STAFFS GC 003.jpgFor over 100 years golfers at South Staffs Golf course near Wolverhampton have enjoyed both the scenic views and challenging 18 holes that this course provides. It now has an even sharper look to both its fine turf and fairway areas.

Head Greenkeeper Rhys Thomas has a strong Toro flavour within his course management fleet. As part of their on-going maintenance programme, the subject of replacement bottom blades has been answered in some style by Crocodile Golf Products. With a competitively priced range of replacement bottom blades, manufactured less than 10 miles from the South Staffs Golf course location, a finely tuned solution has been found. There are at present around 25 Crocodile Golf bottom blade replacements in-situ on the range of machinery and equipment that Rhys and his team use across the fairways, greens and tee-boxes.

SOUTH STAFFS GC 002.jpgFollowing an initial enquiry made by a member of the West Midlands based manufacturers' sales team in the summer of 2007, Crocodile Golf have supplied these parts with subsequently excellent results.

These hot-rolled boron steel blades combine both hardness and toughness with accuracy and precision when its most needed and have proved to have longevity beyond those of the OEMs themselves. Price and quality have made the difference!

To discover more about a guaranteed and quality supply of replacement cylinders and bottom blades, check out the new website on

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