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Service Forum 004ACutting Edge Training, a division of Ransomes Jacobsen Limited, invited golf course technicians from around the UK to their international headquarters at Ipswich recently, to participate in the inaugural Technicians Forum.

The two-day forum provided technicians from within the turfcare industry with a platform for recognition, discussion and education. It consisted of a mixture of seminars based on technology in the industry, the future of new technology and unbiased open technical discussions. The participants were given an insight into the direction of future technical development, how development is initiated and how it is implemented. They were then shown how equipment is built and how new developments are tested prior to full production.

Commenting on the event, Matt Perks from Ham Manor GC said, "The forum was fantastic and it was a good chance to get to know other people in the industry away from the work environment. As we all mentioned at the forum, we realise the cost and time it takes to put on these events and it was not taken for granted. I enjoyed it very much and also learned a few things as well; all in all, it was a complete success!"

Stuart Hall from John O Gaunt GC added, "I believe it was a total success; far too often technicians are overlooked and once the typical reticence to speak was overcome, everybody was talking trade."

Hanfried Sievers of Cutting Edge Training concluded, "This was our first attempt at bringing technicians together in an open forum where the colour of the equipment you operate is irrelevant. It certainly was very well received and we will definitely be expanding it next year, inviting more technicians from across the industry."

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