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Fusarium-1.jpgSyngenta has successfully achieved EU Annex 1 listing for Daconil Turf, ensuring the future supplies of Daconil, when other chlorothalonil products are withdrawn at the end of August .

The future of Daconil has been secured with the announcement of exclusive European Annex 1 listing for the Syngenta chlorothalonil product. Daconil Turf will continue to be distributed in the UK by The Scotts Company.

Syngenta Professional Products Manager, Simon Elsworth, highlights Daconil Turf will prove an integral part of turf managers fungicide programmes this autumn, to give exceptional protection from key turf diseases and early kick-back curative activity to minimise turf damage from infection.

"STRI trials have proven Daconil can give significantly better control of Fusarium over the winter, compared to iprodione; leading to greatly improved turf quality in the spring," he advises.

Syngenta has invested millions of pounds in quality manufacturing processes and achieving necessary European standards to secure the future for Daconil. "It will ensure turf managers continue to have the essential resistance-breaking properties of chlorothalonil, when other products that do not have the Annex 1 listing have been withdrawn at the end of August," adds Mr Elsworth.

"The investment continues our commitment to maintain products for the turf industry, as well as to introduce innovative and improved options over the coming years."

Scotts Sales Manager, Nick Martin, welcomed the commitment to Daconil for the future. He highlights Daconil Turf plays an important role in turf managers' fungicide programmes, to alternate with Heritage and Banner Maxx sprays. "This ensures turf managers will still have a complete range of fungicides with different modes of action, and the chance to achieve complete control of all the key turf diseases right through the season," he adds.

DACONIL TURF is available from the Pitchcare Shop.

Image: Trials have shown Daconil can give significantly better control of Fusarium over the winter, leading to better quality turf.

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