'Dangerous' giant bird turns up on Home Counties golf course

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The hunt for a runaway 6ft bird capable of disembowelling a man with a flick of its six inch claws is centred on a Home Counties golf course.

The rhea, which is on the loose after escaping from its farm enclosure, has been spotted roaming the greens and fairways of the Barkway Park Golf Club, in north Hertfordshire.

The South American bird - nicknamed Chris, after the Road to Hell singer, Chris Rea - has been missing for the past month after being spooked by a passing hunt at its enclosure in Brent Pelham, around five miles from the course.

Charmaine Lake, who works in the clubhouse, said her husband Antony, 37, the head greenkeeper, had first seen the bird around a fortnight ago. Since then, it had been a daily visitor, appearing on the course between 6.30am and 7.00am, being spotted as recently as Wednesday morning.

"It seems to turn up early in the morning and then head off again before the golfers turn up," she added. "We have told the RSPCA. Lots of people have. They haven't come out as they say it is not distressed."

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