Daniel returns to Terralift

Carol Duttonin Industry News
aniel teralift Daniel Rounding joins Terrain Aeration as Representative/Operative, returning to an industry and aeration system, which he knows well. Having previously worked with Director Lynda Green when they were both with Colin Pryce Terralift, Daniel brings a wealth of experience to the post including first hand knowledge of deep, compressed air de-compaction treatment.

Daniel, who has spent the interim studying horticulture at Otley College prior to horticultural contract work, believes that this is an exciting time to re-join the industry. "With all the effects of climate change, increased rainfall and the risk of water-logging, this proven subsoil aeration process is more important than ever," he says. "I'm looking forward to working with the improved Airforce Terralift machines, renewing old acquaintances among greenkeepers and groundsman and making new ones."

Terrain Aeration's Lynda Green said that Daniel's sound understanding of the Terralift principle coupled with his knowledge of the industry makes him the ideal choice for job. "As we are also expanding into the horticultural and professional gardening sectors, Daniel's further education and experience in these areas is an additional asset," she commented.
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