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Darren Baldwin

Head Groundsman Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

My first experience of Groundsmanship was at school when I managed to get some work experience at Arsenal's famous Highbury pitch. From that moment on I knew that this was the job for me and I was lucky enough to be taken on full time as an assistant in the summer of 1990.

It would be fair to say that my mentor Steve Braddock has instilled in me a passion for Groundsmanship. His motivation and attention to detail could be described at times as an obsession but the proof of the pudding has been on view for many years at Highbury. In July 1996 I was presented with the opportunity to go 'Down the Lane' to Spurs as Head Groundsman. A position that I felt I was now well groomed for.

Since then I have continued to improve the surface at Spurs and in August 2000 became the Grounds manager with the development of the Spurs Lodge training ground and now the new Academy facility.

The opportunity to work with and learn from Steve was an enviable position to be in. The Pitchcare site now offers the opportunity for me to pass on this experience to a great many more Groundsmen.

For me the internet offers the easiest way to contact and talk to people, but there are obvious other benefits, the fact that Pitchcare.com offers pretty much everything in one place is good news for all of us busy people.

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