Dennis and SISIS to Provide Solution For all at GIS 2015

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Visitors to booth 26052 at the Golf Industry Show (GIS) in San Antonio Texas in February can expect to see an impressive line-up of quality turf maintenance products from two of the leading names in the industry - on the combined stand of Dennis and SISIS.

The combined stand of Dennis & SISIS will provide visitors to GIS 2015 with an array of turf maintenance machines.
The company's experienced and knowledgeable staff will also be on hand to offer valuable advice to superintendents, owners, technicians and other golf management professionals about golf course maintenance and the machinery best suited.

The company will also be launching a new product - the SISIS Flexi400. Course favourites such as the Dennis FT510, and the SISIS Veemo, SISIS Rotorake 600HD and SISIS Auto Rotorake MK5 ensure that booth 26052 is the must see attraction at this year's show.

New SISIS Flexi400
The new 4m wide Flexi400 is an interchangeable unit which has been specifically designed for fast and effective coverage on large areas such as golf fairways and sports grounds. The unit has seven fully floating heads which allows it to follow ground contours. The unit can be fitted with either a roller or brush heads and is ideal for the removal of dew, striping for improved presentation, lifting grasses prior to cutting or brushing in top dressings.
It is attachable to the tow unit by a simple 50mm ball hitch or clevis pin and both arms can be raised for ease of storage or transportation.

The new SISIS Flexi400 will be at GIS 2015 at booth 26052.
SISIS Rotorake 600HD
The SISIS Rotorake 600HD is a heavy duty pedestrian de-thatcher and linear aerator which can be used for regular, routine use at a shallow setting or a deeper setting as and when required. Offering versatility with a range of quick-release interchangeable reels including de-thatching, verticutting and brushing, the machine is renowned for its ease of use. It also features variable blade spacing, a large working width of 600mm (24"), six forward speeds and a reverse gear for efficiency under varying terrain.

The SISIS Veemo MK 2 is a tractor-mounted de-thatcher used for removing thatch from large areas of turf, such as golf course fairways. The Veemo's strong cutting blades are designed for minimum surface disturbance and maximum thatch removal via three floating heads which are independent from the main frame. The heads each move in all degrees of motion and follow any undulations of the ground on a fairway without any danger of damaging/scalping the turf, whilst the tungsten tipped hook blades with variable spacing cut effectively through the thatch layer.

Dennis FT510
The Dennis FT510 has been engineered to maintain areas of fine turf. A cutting width of 510mm (20") and a range of 11 interchangeable cassettes mean that one machine can be used for several different tasks from de-thatching, verticutting or brushing. Chosen for its reliability, robustness and performance, it's no wonder that the Dennis FT510 is relied upon in many maintenance programmes throughout the UK and beyond.

SISIS Auto Rotorake MK5
The SISIS Auto Rotorake MK 5 is a self-propelled heavy duty de-thatcher for removal and control of thatch on fine and other quality turf. It works on the successful contra-rotating principle for a clean, consistent performance with a selection of blades to suit key seasonal tasks. /

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