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Ten years ago, Graeme 'Scooter' Wicks, managing director of Total Pitch Care in Perth, Australia, was looking for a high quality cricket mower.

Dennis FT510 in Australia Cricket Pitch
As a contractor with the task of maintaining a number of cricket venues, he needed a mower to keep the facilities in pristine condition. He found the solution on the other side of the world in the form a Dennis FT510 cylinder mower.

Graeme first became acquainted with Dennis products during a trip to the UK, where he saw Dennis and SISIS general manager Toby Clarke performing demonstrations with the FT510. Instantly impressed, he shipped one back to Australia and has not looked back since.

"I was so impressed with the Dennis FT510 that I purchased one straight away with a tungsten-tipped verticutter cassette. It really thins out the grass and mows cricket wickets to a professional standard. It has made the preparation of cricket wickets, quicker, easier and uniformed across all of the wicket blocks," he said.

The Dennis FT510 is the preferred choice by many industry professionals who maintain areas of fine turf; particularly bowls greens, cricket pitches and golf greens but the machine's versatility makes it so much more than just a mower.

With a range of eleven different heads, several key maintenance tasks including scarifying, verticutting or brushing can be achieved. Available with five or ten bladed cutting cylinders, the FT510 is an all-round performer. The cassettes can be changed in a matter of seconds and this feature is something that Graeme is especially thankful for.

"The cassette system is fantastic and so quick and easy to use. The click height adjustment system is brilliant and saves me a lot of time when swapping cassettes and changing cutting heights.

"In maintaining and preparing so many wicket blocks, time is a scarce commodity. The FT510 has drastically reduced preparation times."

After recently being awarded a contract to maintain the cricket facilities at the Hillcrest Reserve in Western Perth, Graeme needed a new machine to cope with the demands of this huge site. Having been familiar with a consistent top performing FT510 along with an excellent after sales service, Graeme had no doubt as to which mower he would purchase.

"I have always dealt with Toby since that day ten years ago; his assistance has been invaluable to me and my business. I knew I needed another machine so I contacted him and purchased another FT510.

"On arriving in Perth the first thing I noticed was all the upgrades and improvements to the new model. All of these were exceptionally thought out and made the operation of the machine even better and easier than it previously was - which I didn't think would be possible.

"I have associated myself with Dennis mowers now for over ten years and I can honestly say that the FT510 is the best machine I have used for preparing cricket wickets.

"To my knowledge I am the only curator in West Australia using the FT510, which is probably about to change judging by the comments made by my peers that I have the best machine around. It definitely is the Rolls Royce of mowers.

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Toby and all at Dennis in the UK who have made purchasing, shipping and maintaining my FT510's so easy. I couldn't have done it without them."

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