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IMG_4206 (2).JPGIn the current climate it's good to report that there are companies such as Dennis, makers of the world famous pedestrian mowers based in the Midlands reporting their best year ever with booming sales both at home and abroad and still purchasing equipment from other British companies.

As part of its long term investment in UK manufacturing, Dennis have added more new machinery to its ambitious expansion program, including two new Hunter grinders; an Amazon series 5 automatic bottom blade grinder and the other a fully automatic Jupiter ATI Series 5.

Like all the major mower manufacturers Dennis advocates relief grinding and already owns a Jupiter grinder. Dennis Managing Director, Ian Howard, visited the Hunter stand at Saltex 2008 "We spent a considerable time studying the machines and the merits of automatic grinders." Said Ian "This was followed up with an on site demonstration by the Hunter team grinding Dennis cylinders and bottom blades. The demonstration also gave some of our operators the chance to put the grinder through its paces and try out the benefits of the Automatic facility."

The machines were installed in Mid October and four of the manufacturing team were trained on their safe and efficient use. Dennis has now had several months to prove the value of the machine.

"Although we already had experience of the manual version, the productivity and auto mode of the Jupiter Series 5 ATI is really impressive" said Ian Howard. "This feature means an operative is not tied to the machine and it can be left to carry out the task with minimum supervision - essential in our environment. Both the Jupiter and Amazon have very low noise and emissions so we have been able to integrate them into our machine shop with very little disruption. Guarding is first class and very easy to use."

Hunter Grinders Managing Director Ian Robson was pleased that the grinders have shown themselves of great value. Not just in the quality of grinding which is already established, but for the added value a dedicated bottom blade grinder and an automatic cylinder grinder brings to the manufacturing process. "Automatic operation when used with confidence, releases the workforce to attend to other work. For Dennis, these automatic grinders provide invaluable savings in terms of efficiency and time.

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