Don’t be tempted to use herbicides illegally in amenity situations

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nomix-logo.jpgIt can be tempting to try and save money by using an agricultural herbicide in an amenity situation. However, the saving that can be made is insignificant when you could be faced with prosecution for illegally using a pesticide product.

The Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products states 'Always use a product in line with its approved conditions of use.'

These conditions include areas of use and are detailed on the product label. They are there to protect operators, bystanders, wildlife and the environment. Anyone using products that do not hold the appropriate approvals, face prosecution. This can result in fines and in extreme cases, imprisonment.

It is essential that the industry does everything in its power to safeguard the future of amenity pesticides. EU legislation and Best Practice requirements are tightening up the loop holes in pesticide usage. If we want to keep amenity pesticides, it is the responsibility of all professional users to comply with the specific approvals for products and not to use them in amenity areas unless they are specified on the label.

Failure to meet these requirements will put the future use of pesticides at risk in the amenity sector. Gethin Bowes, Invasive Species Officer for Caerphilly CBC commented, "Everyone in the amenity industry needs to act responsibly regarding the products they use. If we mis-use pesticides, we run the risk of losing them. This would cost pesticide users far more in the long run, than the saving they might make by using agricultural pesticides in amenity areas."

Nomix Enviro supplies a complete range of herbicides, which all hold specific approval for use in amenity and industrial situations. All Nomix Area Sales Managers are BASIS qualified and will provide you with technical advice regarding which products are appropriate and legal to use for each specific situation. Please call us on 01264 388056, or email for further information.


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