Don’t let turf disease catch up with you over Christmas

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september-diary-disease-wre.jpgGreenkeepers are reminded not to underestimate the risk of Typhula incarnata causing Grey snow mould or Fusarium patch (Microdochium nivale) developing into Pink snow mould over the Christmas period. With a cold weather forecast for this winter, the chances of snow cover and heavy frost are a strong possibility.

Dorin Pop, Bayer's Technical Manager explains that snow cover prevents photosynthesis, reducing the plant metabolism and weakening the turf's natural defence system. The two diseases, most commonly associated with the winter months are Grey snow mould and Pink snow mould. "Both infections require periods of cold, wet weather to develop," says Dorin.

"The snow incubates the turf to an extent. This creates a microclimate which will keep the turf surface moist and unfrozen, providing an ideal habitat for disease to thrive."

Dorin advises greenkeepers to apply the fungicides preventatively before the first snow when the ground is not frozen. "Providing the label instructions are adhered to, this treatment should protect the turf while the snow is lying on top."

Dorin suggests applying Bayer's Chipco® Green, just before the Christmas break. "It's a contact fungicide which will remain effective following snow melt and will offer a good level of protection throughout the snow cover."

Although there may be a temptation to remove any snow, upon returning to the green, Dorin reminds turf professionals that doing so will inflict added stress and damage to the turf beneath and should be avoided. However if the temperatures are rising and there is a large volume of snow on the greens removal of the snow will be beneficial.

Snow moulddoesn't take long to develop and given that greenkeepers are likely to be away from their greens for a few days over Christmas, Dorin advises that an application of Chipco® Green just before locking up for the festive break will give greenkeepers peace of mind that the greens will be protected should any snow arrive.hc

Chipco Green can be purchased from the Pitchcare shop

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