Don't Just Seed -SPEEDSEED!

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Don't Just Seed -SPEEDSEED!

By Sue Meeken


The new Speedseed 1600 from Charterhouse Turf Machinery enables groundsmen to overseed more quickly without sacrificing accuracy. Its high work-rate enhances efficiency and cuts labour costs.

Powered by a tractor of 20hp with a minimum lift capacity of 500kg, the 1.6m-wide (63in) unit has individual cast spiked rings that enable it to make turns during operation.

The application rate is adjusted via a clever system of gear wheels, and seed falls only when the side wheel of the Speedseed 1600 is turning, so there is no risk of spillage when the machine is at rest or moved between sites. A rubber roller at the bottom of the hoper enables fine seed to be applied.

The spikes are conical shaped so that seed is placed accurately into the holes. This unique shape means turf damage is minimised while the depth of penetration is increased and more soil is exposed to maximise germination. The Speedseed can achieve a rate of 940 holes per m3 and a second spiked roller can be fitted to increase this further to 1,850 holes per m3.

The Speedseed 1600's random dispersal of seed is ideal for sports pitches and fairways, since there is no risk of unsightly drill lines being created.

A wheel kit is available for the machine to enable it to be attached to smaller utility vehicles and compact tractors.

"The economically priced Speedseed 1600 is ideal for sports grounds managers seeking the highest work-rates and maximum efficiencies in their turf maintenance and renovation programmes," says Philip Threadgold, Managing Director of Charterhouse Turf Machinery.

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