ECB launch new booklet for Cricket Clubs

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ecbbooklet-ts4.jpgAcross the world, all forms of the game of cricket are evolving and developing with increasing popularity and the demand, from village green to Test Arena,requires safe, high quality surfaces in order that players can perform and improve their talents.

To meet these demands the knowledge and skills of the cricket groundsman have to develop alongside that of the game itself. Never before have today's generation of Turf Managers, of all codes of sport, been better supported by specific educational courses and qualifications and where ongoing scientific research and the development of innovative machinery facilitate the essential and traditional core methodology.

Furthermore, the increased availability of funding through grant aid and interest free loan schemes have provided opportunities for the refurbishment or development of new facilities, resources and prospects for new career paths.

We are also living in a technological age of computers and communication networks where information can be swiftly gathered from all over the world. The same technology is used by the media to highlight sporting events and at the highest levels of the game, the work of our stadia groundstaff have come under the spotlight as never before. In return, it presents the opportunity to raise the profile of cricket groundsmanship as a universally recognised and highly skilled profession, from the enthusiastic volunteer of a village club to the grounds managers of the Test Match venues.

I passionately believe that the persons who prepare the playing surfaces are as important as the finest players as neither can perform to the best of their abilities without each other.

I trust that this document encapsulates an awareness and understanding of contemporary procedures and methodology and provides the necessary guidelines for cricket groundsmanship at all levels, to assist in the preparation of the best possible surfaces their skills and available resources allow.

Chris Wood
ECB Pitches Consultant

You can obtain a copy of the booklet from the following link : ECB TS4
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